Everything We Know About Murder In The Woods

Everything We Know About Murder In The Woods

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Here’s everything we know about the 2020 horror movie, Murder in the Woods. The Latino-centric slasher has received favorable critic reviews, and could become one of the breakout genre hits of the summer. Then again, Murder in the Woods may potentially go unnoticed by locked-down streamers who are mostly looking for trending titles with familiar names.

Murder in the Woods marks the feature debuts for both screenwriter Yelyna De Leon and director Luis Iga. For horror fans, the primary draw will undoubtedly be the inclusion of veteran character actor Danny Trejo, who always provides a heavy dose of baddassery with his intimidating screen presence. For a low-budget horror film, Trejo has enough career clout to anchor the main cast of youngsters while appealing to various demographics who are familiar with his pop culture persona. Fans of American filmmaker Robert Rodriguez are certainly well-versed in Trejo’s resume, as the actor portrayed Razor Charlie in the 1996 thriller From Dusk Till Dawn (written by Quentin Tarantino), and later starred in Machete and Machete Kills. Trejo is a prolific character who has crossed over into various genres, and he’s right in his wheelhouse with Murder in the Woods.

Given the title, Murder in the Woods is clear with its basic premise. Reviews thus far have acknowledged the film’s campy approach and adherence to classic genre tropes. So, fans can expect a typical slasher movie with a cultural twist, and certainly a few surprises that make the film unique to modern culture. Here’s everything we know about Murder in the Woods.

Murder In The Woods Cast
Alongside the aforementioned Trejo as Sheriff Lorenzo, Murder in the Woods stars José Julián as Jesse, a teenager who lives with his grandmother due to a familial tragedy. Julián portrays Javier Arellano Félix in Narcos: Mexico and Gordie in The Society. Jordan Diambrini and Chelsea Rendon co-star as Jesse’s friends, Gabe and Chelsea. Diambrini has appeared in Jane the Virgin and portrayed Joey in The Outfield. Rendon has a supporting role as Lupe in The Tax Collector, and previously portrayed Anne Gonzalez in Shameless. Kade Wise portrays a pothead name Jule. Wise is best known for portraying Preacher Azal in Empire and Hakim in Homeland. Catherine Toribio co-stars as a party girl named Celeste. Toribio portrayed Teen Xiomara in Jane the Virgin and Dulce in L.A.’s Finest. Jeanette Samano rounds out the main cast as a nice girl named Fernanda. Samano has appeared in Reversion, Your Move, and Female Fight Squad.

Murder In The Woods Story
Murder in the Woods centers on the ill-advised decisions of party-happy teenagers; a staple of classic horror films. Jesse leaves home to go wild out with friends, much to the chagrin of his granny. Based on the available clips, there’s plenty of drinking and joking, at least until the main villain arrives and begins killing everybody, one by one. Murder in the Woods appears to take place in one central location, allowing for increased suspense as the main characters try to escape.

Murder In The Woods Release Date
Chelsea Rendon in Murder in the Woods
Murder in the Woods received a theatrical release on August 14, 2020 in the United States. According to the official website, the film will also be playing at drive-in theaters.

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